A downloadable interactive thing for Windows

The fruit of a single afternoon testing out RPG Maker VX Ace, and seeing if an adventure/puzzle/visual novel-y thing I have planned is feasible. I intend to make a sort of point and click adventure game in a top-down RPG style, with more of a focus on exploration and narrative and less inane object puzzles and inventory management. Before that, I needed to make sure it was even possible to do in VX Ace, so I threw together a bunch of the in-engine assets to test everything out. I ended up putting way more effort into it than I intended, so I'm putting this up for anyone interested.

It's a super short game, it can be "beaten" in about a minute and even if you fully explore to interact with everything, I can't imagine it taking more than five, ten minutes to play. The title is pretty much all the tutorial you need, but I'd advise exploring the town's manor last if you want to see everything (or first if you want to be a Marina Wants A Sword Of Her Very Own! speedrunner for some shitawful reason).

Oh, and also you can use F5 to fullscreen, and F6 to change the screen size.

Install instructions

Save the zip file to a folder of your choice, and then extract it (using the right-click menu)


Download ZIP 35 MB

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